My home-made 12V LCD video projector

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Compact Commercial Projectors

Epoq Pico Cube


Aiptek PJV11X PocketCinema V10 Portable Projector



Optoma Pico PK-101


3M Pro110


Explay's nanoprojector

link to article, another article


Microvision tiny projector for mobile devices

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The 1-pound TDP-FF1AU LED multimedia projector, which is designed for mobile presentation, training, and small- and medium-sized business applications. The projector features 400 lux of brightness, a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, and native SVGA (800x600) resolution. The DLP device incorporates an LED light source, which has a 10,000-hour life. The unit ships with a foldable 23-inch diagonal projection screen, a rechargeable battery, a battery charger, remote control, and a carrying case.

MSRP: $699. Availability: currently available. - mfr site/online store


Mitsubishi PocketProjector™ LED DLP ™ Projector

A portable projector so small, it can fit in the palm of your hand. Weighing about a single pound, this portable battery operated DLP ™ projector supports native 800x600 SVGA resolution, and is powered by a sequential LED light source with support for RCA video, S-video and VGA inputs.
- Unbeatable convenience through extreme portability in both size and weight
- Long life-lamp, with quick-on, quick-off, no warm up period
- A projector at practically the cost of less than two regular projector lamp
- Can be battery operated (battery pack NOT included)
Included Accessories:
Protective slip cover; AC power cable; user manual; quick reference guide (remote control SOLD SEPARATELY)
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

currently available - street price around $650 - mfr site, supplier catalog page


SP-P300MK Samsung Electronics SP-P300MK Pocket Imager - article 1, article 2, article 3, mfr site (German)


Epson LED mini-projector - article


News From CES 2005 - Palm-sized DLP Video Projectors Attract Attention - article

The matchbox-sized PVPro projector - article1, article 2, mfr site


A movie projector in a cell phone? - article


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